Visit the most popular attractions in Seinäjoki Region!

Top 12 Destinations in Southern Ostrobothnia!

You’re planning a trip to Southern Ostrobothnia, but you’re not quite sure, what can be found here? To assist you, we have listed the best destinations of the province! Whether you are a sports fan, animal-friendly, an insatiable gourmet or an enthusiastic shopper, you will find things to do in Southern Ostrobothnia all year round!

Taste bud intriguing tourism

You can reach the source of the gin & tonic, which has been awarded as the world’s best, by car in half an hour. Kyrö Distillery, which is located in Isokyrö, is an internationally interesting destination and organises distillery tours and tastings as well as concert evenings and meals. The home of the nationally renowned Juustoportti is also in Southern Ostrobothnia. At Jalasjärvi, the taste buds of visitors are caressed with both the delicacies of the lunch buffet and the á la carte dishes. Juustoportti’s wide-scale range of cheeses offers a favourite for everyone.

Sports and experiences throughout the province

Rave on the Powerpark rides, which excitement factors even surprise adults. A few kilometres from this land of fun, you will find Härmä’s spa hotel, and its  pools are appreciated by both holiday-makers seeking a relaxing swim and more active water beasts. A specific destination for active fitness enthusiasts is Kuortane Olympic Training Center, which offers the perfect setting for an active holiday. Choose a course that interests you according to your preferences or move independently around the centre while utilising the diverse opportunities. During the winter, you do not necessarily need to travel to Lapland to find slopes – in Southern Ostrobothnia, you will find Seinäjoki’s Joupiska as well as Simpsiö, which is located in Lapua, and which is the largest ski resort in the province and in Western Finland. There are six slopes, rails, boxes and a ramp slope to conquer. Read the tips below and experience extraordinary experiences around the Southern Ostrobothnian area. We do not lack in experiences. If you wish to spend an unforgettable day, the destinations below are guaranteed options for leisure time activities!

Culture tourism, pandas and shopping to the heart’s content.

Southern Ostrobothnia pampers culture enthusiasts. Seinäjoki’s Aalto Centre, Culture Centre Paukku that has been developed in Lapua’s Cartridge Factory, and Soile Ylimäyry’s Art Hall are gems of the province, which are worth visiting even from further away. Asian aspects have also reached Southern Ostrobothnia in the form of two mesmerising, black & white furry friends, whose playtime you can follow at Ähtäri Zoo. The giant pandas, Lumi and Pyry, are the main attractions at Finland’s first natural zoo, but in addition to them, there are 60 other different species that live at the zoo; from a rare snow leopard to species found in the coniferous forest zone. On your way to Ähtäri, you cannot miss the giant horseshoe, which welcomes shoppers to the legendary Tuuri Village Shop. The recently expanded Village Shop is an attraction in itself, but it is also certainly one of the best shopping places in the province. During the summer, there are a lot of events at the Village Shop for both children and adults.

Welcome to Southern Ostrobothnia!