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Findout – The Room Escape Game

What is it? The Findout “room escape” is an experience-based game in which a group of people are locked inside a room and given one hour to find a way to escape by solving various puzzles related to the room’s theme and story. All necessary tools, i.e. information, objects, keys, codes, etc. are located inside the room. The game doesn’t require any physical exertion; instead, it is based on cooperation and logical thinking. Get a team together – it can be a group of friends, family members or colleagues – and take on the challenge! The game is difficult to describe with words: you have to experience it first-hand.

Findout was opened in 2015.  We have branches at Rytmikorjaamo in Seinäjoki and at the Yli-Laurosela Museum in Ilmajoki. Each branch has three rooms and they can accommodate large groups. The game is perfect for stag and hen parties and recreation days for employees.

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