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Dudesons Activity Park

The Dudesons Activity Park offers activities and fun for the whole family. Packed with explosive Dudesons energy, this park has something for everyone, from giant trampolines to parkour, climbing, circus, football, pinball and a shopping cart racing simulator! The park has a total of 30 stunt areas and is open every day of the year. You can buy full day tickets, evening tickets and discounted Next Day tickets on departure. After a fun-filled day at the park, little dudesons as well as bigger ones will enjoy the offerings of the Pirttihirmu restaurant.

The park is the perfect destination for children and fun-minded adults, and it’s also ideal for workplace teams and other groups. Meetings, recreational away days and various customer events can be organised at the park.

The park was founded in 2014 by Dudesons, a group of Finnish stunt daredevils and pranksters. The second park was opened in Tornio in summer 2016, and a third one is set to open at the Iso Omena retail centre in Espoo in autumn 2017.

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Dudesons Activity Park
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