Summer Sports & Games in the Seinäjoki Region

If you’re interested in being a little more active during the summer months, here are a few active pursuits for you to consider. Whether that is a round of golf or more casual games with your friends and family,  Take note, there is plenty of additional reading and listening for this article – let me know what you think of that too.

Disc golf

As the name suggests, this is a combination of golf and frisbee. There are many free-to-use courses located around Seinäjoki, all you need are some discs and a couple of hours of time. You can use any frisbee, or you can buy a starter-pack of three disc golf frisbees for around 20€ from most sport shops and larger supermarkets. The course is made up of tracks (instead of holes) with a metal basket on a pole at the other end of the track. At the top of the basket is a ring with chains hanging down from it, the idea is to hit the chains and your frisbee will land in the basket. Simple, right?


Beach volleyball

Next to one of Seinäjoki’s many beaches you will find a volleyball net surrounded by sand. Don’t be intimidated by the Olympic version of this game there’s no need for tight-fitting swimsuits, just get a group of friends together (and a ball) and you’re all set. Once you’re finished, of course, where better to wash all the sand off than the nearby lake or river.



I know, this is not exactly a sport but it’s an enjoyable part of MY summer. Mölkky is a game for the garden, beach, campsite where you use a wooden baton to knock over skittles, numbered 1-12, scoring points as you go. At the start of the game the skittles are arranged on a group, close together. The players take it in turns to throw the baton to try to knock the skittles over. If you knock over a single skittle, you score the value on that skittle, if you knock over more than one, you score a single point for each. After the each turn the skittles are reset in the position they landed, so the game area soon starts to spread out. Simple, fun and addictive.


Midnight golf

The nearest course to the centre of Seinäjoki is the 18-hole Ruuhikoski Golf course in the Nurmo area. It is one of the more challenging courses in Finland, check out the hole-by-hole videos on their website. During the May-July period, try to get along for a round of midnight golf, just for the otherworldly experience. If you are planning a trip especially to play at Ruuhikoski, this Sokos hotel offer might be useful. There are no public courses in Finland, that you can just turn-up and play, there are a few requirements to bear in mind.

For those living in Finland:

  • You must have a Green Card – This ensures that a club has taught you etiquette, basic proficiency of playing golf, speed of play etc. This takes approx. 10 hours and has a cost of 100–200€.
  • There are not too many member-only clubs, by buying an annual membership for one club you can play at all other Finnish golf clubs. Fees for one round may be 40€–80€.
  • Dress code is generally relaxed, although a collared shirt is considered appropriate. Jeans may not be acceptable everywhere.

For those visiting Finland from overseas:

  • You need to be a member of a club in your home country. A letter from your club confirming your membership and official handicap is sufficient.
  • You do not need to pay the annual membership. Simply the fee for the round or daily fee.
  • For insurance reasons, if you are not a member of a club, it is not possible to play anything other than 3-par practice holes, or the driving range.


Mobile Sauna Festival (Sauna-ajot, Teuva)
Of course most summer days should be rounded-off in the sauna, but if you’re feeling adventurous, why not check out the annual Mobile Sauna Festival in nearby Teuva. The official website explains: “There are only two rules for the saunas. First they have to be mobilised and secondly they have to be so big, that one person can bath in the sauna.” This annual event is free for visitors to attend and in 2017 it attracted 65 entrants including saunas from Germany, Italy and Poland. You can see all the 2017 saunas on the Sauna-ajot website


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