How are you doing? The COVID 19 situation in Finland is under the control, though the number of patients has increased little by little especially in Helsinki area. According to the local newspaper (a few days ago), the number of patients is less 40 and no one wasn’t hospitalized in Etelä-Pohjanmaa (including Seinäjoki) area so far (as of 30.4.2020). The lockdown of Helsinki area was finished but it is not allowed to get together more than 10 people continuously. It would be lonely summer in Seinäjoki because many big events like Provinssi or Tango Festival were cancelled. Restaurants and cafes are also closed at least by the middle of May. Nursery schools, elementary and junior high schools provide online learning until May 13, and those schools will be open from May 14, but online learning continues at high schools, vocational schools, and universities.


What I can do is staying at home. So I try not to go out as possible as I can. That means I eat 3 meals a day at home. I’m getting tired of cooking and sometimes feel stressed to think about a menu all the time.


All the restaurants and cafes are not allowed to drink or eat there based on Finnish government’s request. Since takeaway or delivery service is available, some restaurants have started this service by developing new menu.


You can check which restaurants or cafes provide takeaway service from here. (Finnish)
Some restaurants get pre-order, some restaurants sell them at the restaurant.


I use ResQ Club application. Some restaurants sell “to-be” wasted food at very reasonable price. I’ve got a notification when some restaurants upload the information. After ordering, I just pick it up by the informed time. ResQ Club applies an exceptional rule now due to the corona epidemic. So I can also order normal takeaway food thorough ResQ Club service.


Another online delivery service – WOLT is also available here. I haven’t used it but I suppose it’s like Uber Eats service. This service would help people who are busy to pick up the food or who can’t go there.


Hamburgers or pizzas are very popular meal in Sinäjoki or maybe in Finland and they are perfectly suitable for takeaway. But I try not to order those (they are high calorie and my weight is getting heavier and heavier). I’ll show you some photos that I bought/ordered nowadays. (You can’t find any hamburgers or pizzas due to this reason.)


First one is vegetarian burrito from Pancho Villa. I ordered through ResQ Club, so cost performance is very good. In fact I seldom went to Pancho Villa because I thought their menu includes a lot of hamburgers.
It was worth to try and I understand why Pancho Villa is so popular in Seinäjoki.


I also ordered this meal from Sininen Paprika by using ReQ Club. I always took this hamburg stake whenever I went to Sininen Paprika. Stewed tomato sauce was perfect for thick hamburg stake.


The next pesto lasagna is from Valkoinen Puu that has started pre-order takeaway service recently. This used to be Wednesday menu, so I couldn’t eat it often. Thanks for this service I could eat at home! This pesto sauce is the original recipe from Valkoinen Puu. It should be defrosted 15 hours before eating and put it in an oven. It was wonderful experience and made me happy.


The next meal is a lunch box from Juurella and Äärellä. Other lunch box is also sold at Äärellä restaurant but I bought this at a supermarket – City Market. It looks meat but it is made of horse beans. The special sauce was just their original taste. The container was easily used for a microwave. 

They make fish lunch box, too. The combination of thick fish, potatoes and sauce was good.

I also found bread at the supermarket. The outside was hard but the inside was elastic and of course tasty.


This noodle is from newly opened restaurant, Fiesta that provides Filipino, Asian and European dishes. The taste of noodle is a little bit sweet and mild. I remember some Japanese food. Beef is soft, noodle is not too hard, not too soft and vegetables are well-cooked. I liked it, too.

If you crave for sweets, how about these kind of doughnuts? They are sold at an outlet shop of Vaasa Oy.


This is a restaurant owned by the local beer company, Mallaskoski. My husband and I happened to know that Mallaskoski had a special sale there when we walked to pick up food. He was really happy to select beers (unfortunately, I’m so weak to alcohol). According to the personnel, many customers returned the beer because they had to close their restaurants or bars. It was lucky because this special sale was held for only 2 days. It’s also good to support local companies, right?


These are a part of restaurants that provide takeaway service. Not only restaurants but other companies try to manage with this corona epidemic. Though what I can do is very limited but I would like to support local companies with staying at home.
By the way, the cover photo is cinnamon rolls that we cooked at home. My part was kneading dough and my husband’s part was making cinnamon rolls. I spend a lot of time at home, I end up eating more sweets (sigh…)

Anyway, stay at home, stay healthy!

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