Culture cafe Viia - Visit Seinäjoki
Kulttuurikahvila Viia on pieni ja persoonallinen kahvila

Culture cafe Viia

Culture cafe Viia is a cozy cafe in Uppa, Seinäjoki. As the name suggests, Viia organizes various cultural events every week. On Thursdays in even-numbered weeks, Viia plays plant bingo. In this wonderfully innovative event, the first person to shout bingo over three rounds is rewarded with hose plant cutting. In odd-numbered weeks, Thursdays are spent reciting well-known and unknown as well as new and old poems. In addition, many other events are organized in the cafe.

The attempt of Culture cafe Viia is to keep the atmosphere of the cafe as homely as possible, and succeeded as well! In the lovely boho-style decorated cafe, you’ll be happy to sit around even longer.


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